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Hi, I'm Jon.

I like to build products that empower people.

I currently work for as a Group Product Manager. I work with smart, fun and creative collegues to help empower people to experience the world.

You can find out a little more about me here. Alternatively you contact me here. Sometimes I even write things about product, data, organisations and strategy on Medium.

About Me

If you want to know about me professionally or academically you can find most information on my LinkedIn profile or on Google Scholar.

I have a computer science background and as such have an interest in solving problems, information retreival (search–engines), machine learning and human–computer interaction. I like to be constantly challenged, and enjoy learning new skills and acquiring knowledge.

Originally from Wales, I have ended up living in six different countries. I have also circumnavigated the world. I currently reside in Amsterdam due to working in The Netherlands.

Apart from travelling, my interests include skiing, (sea/coastal) rowing, sailing and surfing.

I sometimes tweet on Twitter, but more often take photos and videos on Instagram, I also sometimes ramble on Medium.